Are You Ready For Braces? 6 Tips To Prepare For Braces

Dental braces are devices used to move and straighten our teeth, to get attractive smile. Dental braces is a painful experience? Not really, Braces can be a fun experience too, if you understand more about braces, and be prepared before you go for it. Here are few tips for you before you get the braces on. 

AskDent Tips No.1:
Braces are a commitment

Tips 1: Braces Are Commitment

Tips 1: Braces Are Commitment

For parents and for children, whether you are going with traditional braces or new technology like Invisalign, braces are a commitment.  Help your children understand the commitment that is being made before you move forward. 

Sit down and think about the time and energy that go into braces. Think about the hygiene commitments, the need to keep appointments and how certain foods needed to be cut down/ out of your diets. And then, Think about the monetary commitment. If your children want to have braces, sit down and talk to them. Let them understand the commitment they need to give throughout the treatment. 

The conversation with family members about braces give you a chance to ask lots of questions, express concerns, and better understand the commitment. I even had a patient who had to sign a contract with her parents and orthodontist before she got her braces. So, whether you are writing up a contract or not, sit down and discuss that braces don't just magically take care of themselves.

AskDent Tips No.2:
Educate yourself about all your options

Tips 2: Know Your Choices

Tips 2: Know Your Choices

As I always tell my patients, you need to know the choices you have. To get perfect smile braces. metal mouth is not the only option. Now there are lots of different options such as braces behind your teeth, self-ligate bracket (less painful and faster treatment), ceramic bracket (less visible) and Clear braces like Invisalign/ ClearPath. Clear braces uses a series of clear aligners made of lightweight plastic that sit smoothly on the teeth. They are comfortable and as effective as traditional braces. Plus, there are no food restrictions, they make it easy to maintain healthy brushing and flossing habits, they don't interfere with sports or other activities, and you can straighten your teach there are no metal wires or brackets to break. Kids can even remove the trays when they eat, brush, or floss. 

AskDent Tips No.3: 
Get yourself or your children know what to expect

Q: I need to pull out teeth before braces?
Well, it depends on your conditions. If you have severe teeth crowding, you need to pull out your few teeth to create spaces for the teeth to move. But nothing to worry about, this procedure is no hurting because you will be numbed. Some people rejected braces, because they scared of dental injection and teeth extraction.

Q: Is it Hurt?
Braces do hurt a bit. Not always, but when they get tightened. This is depending on your tolerance to pain. There may an uncomfortable pressure after the braces are put on. The pain will only last for a few days after getting your braces on and each time your braces are tightened. The pain comes from the pressure which aids in the teeth shift and moving eventually to their final alignment. You can take painkiller to ease the pain.
You may also find that when you first get your braces, your cheek and inner lip will become sore and get ulcers. That's quite normal, the pain or ulcers will go off after few days, To help with soreness from your braces rubbing on the inside of your mouth, you can apply a dental wax over the brackets. this will help to prevent you from getting ulcers. Often, you will have to eat soft diet each time you have your braces tightened.
Q: What are the foods to avoid?
We will recommend you to avoid biting hard and crunch, something sticky, or bad for your teeth such as sugar drinks, coke, cakes,  chewing gums if you’re getting traditional braces. If you go for clear braces like invisialign, you can enjoy your food as usual.
How braces are put on your teeth? 
When referring to traditional metal braces, the brackets are attached to your teeth and put a wire to the brackets. The wire (arch wire) is the wire that is used to put pressure to the teeth, and move them. Then rubber band or wire will be used to hold the wire in place. Many people enjoy the rubber bands because they come in a variety of colors. You may pick out your favorite color! The rubber bands will be replaced monthly making it fun to mix up colors.
Q: How do braces look on you? 
The traditional braces will make you a metal smile. The new tech braces (clear braces), will not have such problem. Now, the braces has become so popular that you don't need to worry about standing out alone, there are many people with metal smiles around you. Besides you can mix and match those rubber bands to give yourself a unique style.
So, if you're parent, be sure you take time to talk to your children about what to expect. Don't trick them. Make an appointment with your dentist, bring your kids together and ask your dentist. 

AskDent Tips No.4: 
Understand the end result

Braces take time. The end result is usually years away. Be prepared with the long term on braces.

AskDent Tips No.5: 
For parents, Be ready to help your children

Your children will need help with their braces. They will need help flossing, tightening things, even brushing and dealing with pokey wires and brackets that rub on sensitive gums. Prepare yourself to be okay with the "hands on". And let your kids know that you will always be there to help.

AskDent Tips No.6: 
For parents, Don't complain about what they can't eat

For parents, please remember that don't complain about the things their family can't eat because someone has braces. This just makes our kids feel bad. Don't do it. And don't buy all the tempting treats that have to be given up and keep them in the house, or let the rest of the family eat then while the one with braces can't. This is kind of pity to the kid. 

Braces seem to be a right of passage for some of your and your children. With some preparations and good communication, we can make the experience a good one for you, your children and your families.